Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Dirty Little Secret

Buy Now Save Later!!!

Now is the time to buy dirt... cheap! 

I have a fairly large yard to keep up with and I'm constantly in need of new dirt.  But dirt ain't cheap, so I wait for a sale.  Last year around this time, I stumbled on $2.00 bags (1.5 cu.ft.)  of Organic Miracle Grow, which usually sells for $10.48/bag.  I think I bought about 10 bags and stored them on a pallet in my garage. I used it all btw. I wanted to get a similar deal this year, but waited a little too long.  So yesterday, I snatched up ten $3.00 bags (1.5 cu.ft.) of Miracle Grow gardeners mix.  There were only 15 bags left!  They are sitting in the back of my Jeep waiting to be hoisted to their winter spot on the empty pallet in my garage.  I can now rest all winter long knowing that come spring, I will be ready!  

I also make sure I have a couple bags of perilite (the little white balls that come in potting mixes) and sphagnum peat moss to mix in with the soil to give it an extra boost. :)  

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  1. Here's another thought... we always check around back of the garden shop at Home Depot for pallets of bags that have be ripped... ever since John spotted four pallets which they gladly sold us for $12 a pallet!!! ( Like ten bags apiece...) We had to take it all, right then, and it was mixed stuff, dirt, mulch, bark, etc.... but we used it all! BTW I keep a tarp in my trunk for just such a situation...


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