Monday, October 25, 2010

Kitchen continued..

I've chosen to accent the kitchen with
shots of orange :)

We continued the beadboard from the breakfast nook into the kitchen as backsplash.  I love the simplicity of the beadboard up against the butcherblock counters.  I'm very pleased with how it came out.  Dan, painstakingly cut each peace and put it up for me, while I then used my cake decorator skills and sealed it all with silicone caulking.  We still want to add a small piece of trim where the beadboard meets the counter, but I have to say, it looks pretty good as is!   I gave the beadboard three coats of paint.  
I washed and painted the phone jack cover to match
the other plates I got at Home Depot.

The old florescent light.

The lighting was a bit of a headache.  I didn't like the florescent lights that were previously over the sink.  I envisioned two pendant lights hanging there, but this meant drilling two additional holes in order to space the lights correctly, not to mention another electrical box deally thing.... too much work.  I searched, searched, and searched some more on the internet for a solution.  Finally, I found the answer.  "Island lighting".  While this fixture is supposed to be positioned over an island, I decided it would work great over my sink.  It actually came with extension rods which would position the lamp at the right height from the ceiling... great, except I was using it over my sink, and didn't want to bang my head into the fixture. Consequently, we left ALL 
the extensions out and just mounted the fixture right to the ceiling above the sink.  SUCCESS!  

It is amazing what an updated light and a little paint can do!
  I so love this kitchen now.  It is amazing what updating a kitchen will do for your desire to cook!  Even the kids have commented on how much more I have been baking lately.  They love it.  So do I :)   My next post will show a few finishing touches, and then THE reveal!


  1. Hey this is Louis from the sem. Your kitchen looks great.


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