Friday, June 17, 2011

Looky Loo!

Hey guess who has a new bathroom???  Oh yeah!
Gotta love a wooden toilet seat... not.

So this wasn't a total remodel.  More like an updating.  My dream would be to install a shower, but for now making the tub look more appealing will have to do for our guests.    The floor, while not in the greatest condition is at least a neutral pattern.    

This bathroom was designed around the fabric I bought for the shower curtain.  I looked everywhere for a ready-made curtains that fit my vision, and it was only when I searched for fabric online that I found this beautiful pattern. It was a bit expensive, which is why I decided to make two smaller panels instead of one long curtain.  I mean... c'mon, there isn't even a shower... it's a TUB.  I also like the way two panels frames the window leaving no reason for window coverings... so really, I saved money... right??

The fabric.  I had serious trouble with the fabric
company, so I refuse to post a link to their site.
I simply pressed the edges of the fabric 1/4 in. then
 1/4 in. again and hemmed it. At the top I used a wider hem
 and I ironed fusible webbing up at the top to give some
 strength to the fabric, then had my machine do button
holes for the curtain rings.

I matched the paint to the fabric.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color.  It is Martha Stewarts "Ice Rink".   THE best color for a bathroom.  You walk in and never want to leave.  It's beautiful. 
The chrome fixtures just give such a crisp and clean feel, I'm really happy with them.  Because I didn't want it to feel too industrial or cold, I went with a more feminine looking chrome.   

Vanity and sink combo. found at Home depot.
Really reasonable from the St. Paul collection.

The chrome finishings were bought at Home Depot.  The hand towel hook is actually the robe hook, but I liked the look of this better.

The tub needed some serious re caulking.  We pulled
away the old yellowing caulk strip and reapplied a
clean white silicone caulking.  This is where my years
 as a cake decorator come in handy ;)

We kept the medicine cabinet because it
would have been a pain to remove...
 it works.
These lights are sufficient, not my favorite,
but a girl's gotta stay within her budget.