Monday, October 4, 2010

In the beginning

Our Kitchen: BEFORE
   Okay, several... months... ago, I embarked on a kitchen renovation project.  Well, "renovation" might be a bit lofty for what we really did.  How about we call it... kitchen "improvement" project?  Have you ever read the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"?  The mouse just keeps wanting more, and more things... Well, that's about how it all began.  Only my rendition of the book is called, "If You Give Your Wife a Disposal." The intention was to install a disposal in the parsonage, however, it was suggested that if we wanted to change out the sink as well, now would be the best opportunity to do it. But if you're going to go to those lengths, why not take out the counters as well?  And of course with new counters the backsplash will need to come out, which then only makes sense to refinish the cabinets.  Then you'll certainly want to be able to see the fruits of your labor... so we should install new lighting!!  And so it went.

It is difficult to see, but there is wall-
paper up on all the walls.

I began with the stripping of wallpaper.
 The 80s gave us Madonna, shoulder pads, mullets... and wallpaper. Suffice to say, not everything done in the 80s was a good idea.  With the help of a friend I got the kitchen stripped down to its plaster walls.  Picking a paint color wasn't much of a task for me.  I knew I wanted green, but what shade?  My mom painted an incredible watercolor that I envisioned hanging in my dining room, which is connected to the kitchen, so I went with a shade that would compliment that.  The color is called "Herb Tea", but c'mon, we all know it's just a vamped up version of that wonderful 70's classic "Avacado".
Here's a photo of the watercolor my mom did... the inspiration
for my paint color.
This is a poor representation of the
actually color we used...oh well.

Here's a better shot showing the wall color.  This is Sam.
Sam can do anything.    
After the wallpaper was gone, and color went up, we enlisted the help of family to install the beadboard.  The travelling team of Grandma and Grandpa Gamboe arrived in July, and we immediately set them to work.  So much measuring, cutting, gluing, and nailing!  Then puttying, caulking and painting.  The kitchen was starting to take on a new look.

Ahhh, so pretty.
The beadboard was chosen not only because it's an economic choice, but because it gives a simple, homey feel to the kitchen.  It's a style that will last through fads and fashion; a timeless foundation.  Accessories then become the changeable bookmark of time.  And when you need to revamp or bring a room up to date, you're not completely redoing it, you're simply changing out the accessories. The outlet covers, wall hangings, light fixtures, and rugs are easy to upgrade.

The finished product.
So this was just the beginning... That same week we tackled the cabinets.  I am so thankful for family members who know a thing or two about geometry and powertools!  More to come in other posts.  :)

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