Friday, January 3, 2014

About Loops A Daisies

About Loops A Daisies

Loops A Daisies is the name of my little business started May 2013.

Lattice Inifinity scarf (60+ inches) with attached flower
in Dark Chocolate
$33 ($30 without flower)
I make and sell handmade crochet items from my home and at a local coffee shop (392 Caffe) here in Clinton, Iowa, a small town on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River.

This past holiday season brought an unexpected, but delightful response from locals and online friends who purchased items from my "store" (my Facebook page).  I kept very busy, but was never overwhelmed.  I'm very grateful to all who decided to purchase something from my shop. Several customers sent me encouraging messages telling me how much they loved their scarves, hats, coffee cozies... and how impressed they were with the quality of my work.  I so appreciate this feedback.

At least once a week you can find me sitting at 392 with my big bags of yarn, crocheting my little heart out.  I absolutely LOVE working at the coffee shop.  It's like a huge family where everyone gets to feel welcomed. The busyness of people coming and going, the conversations, laughter, and YUMMM the smell of coffee ironically compliment my quiet, rhythmic, solitary labor. Strangely, I am most productive there.

Herringbone Stitched Infinity Scarf
How my shop works:

My Facebook page, Loops A Daisies, is where I take orders and display the work I've done and can do.
To place an order, just message me at Loops A Daisies about what you'd like.  I will ask questions to get your order specific to what you want... yarn color, stitch preference, style, button color... etc.  I prefer this to filling out some sort of form.   If I know you, I might accept a check as payment... or I can take Paypal payments.  If you're local, you can meet me at 392 Caffe to pick up your order, and grab a latte while you're there.

You can also contact me via email:
or text/call me at: 563-593-2504  

Boot Cuffs in Grey
$15 a pair
(also shown: Herringbone Infinity scarf $30)
Can you make this?:
Occasionally, I have people send me pictures from other sites... pinterest, ravelry.. etc., inquiring if I can make the pictured project.  I LOVE this.  First of all, it tells me what people want, instead of my making random things that I'm not sure will sell well.  Second, it gives me a challenge.  I love a challenge; especially, when the picture is of something knitted... knowing most people don't make a distinction between the two crafts... and that we, who crochet, are particularly prickly about being called "knitters".  ;).  Yes, I can make that.

Some of my best selling items have been customer suggestions.  Thank you!

Newborn Tulip hat and cocoon
$40 for the set

Wait time:
Generally, it takes me 2 days to fill an order.  This can change based on how many orders I have lined up, whether your yarn needs to be ordered and how many items are in your order. That being said, it isn't unusual for me to get an order one day and have it in the mail the next, but I won't guarantee it.  However, I'm often praised for my speediness... just sayin'. ;)

I usually charge $3 shipping for the first item and $2 for each additional item. A few pieces come with free shipping.. the coffee cozies and smaller headbands are two such items. I have never shipped blankets, but if I were... it would require actual postage to be paid.

Fisherman Blanket
Why I don't sell on etsy:
 It has become way too busy with crochet sellers and, honestly, just makes my head spin.  I'm not a person who does well with complicated systems.  I prefer to grow slowly and with a lot of personal interaction.  I LIKE knowing the people I make things for.  I have no desire to "make a quick buck".  When I stop taking delight in the things I make, simply because I need to fill an order... I'll need to close up shop.

So that's a little bit about Loops A Daisies.  Thanks for taking the time to read this little blog post, and I hope to hear from you. :)

Find me on :  Loopsadaisies