Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Luna Lovegood Scarf

Well, my latest crochet project was an attempt at using finer thread and a much smaller crochet hook.  I am pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.  ... Am I allowed to say that?

So, anyone who knows anything about Harry Potter and his cohort of fictional friends will be familiar with the likes of Luna Lovegood.  She is the sweet little hippy-optimist who occasionally shares her simplistic wisdom with Harry, helping him to regain focus within the situation at hand.  She is a good friend, but for the purpose of this blog... we will pay more attention to her wardrobe, specifically a certain scarf she sports in the fifth Harry Potter movie, "Order of the Phoenix".

Contrary to what one might suspect, I did not set out specifically to find a Harry Potter scarf.. in fact, I just wanted to find something delicate and different.  Fortunately for me, some slightly obsessed Harry Potter crocheter figured out how to recreate the Gothic-esque pattern of this scarf and posted it on free for the taking.

I used a thread that was twisted with a strand of metallic silver in order to get more of a glam look.  My intention was to create a sophisticated accessory for my sister in law.  She lives in Florida and really has no need for a scarf of the practical kind.


So, Laurie, if you're reading this... SURPRISE :)  The scarf is in the mail.  Now, just think about how jealous everyone at Harry Potter World will be the next time you show up in your authentic Luna Lovegood scarf... oh the sheer envy!
Love ya. :)

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