Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

So I've been in a seriously crafty mood lately.  I haven't dragged out my sewing machine for months, but a few days ago I cleaned out and reorganized my sewing cupboard in order to begin a new project.  I'll share what that project was in another blog...   However in my quest to find a pattern for said project, I came across a fantastic blog.  It's called "Make It and Love It".  Soooo many cute and easy projects are listed on this blog.  AND if you're a visual learner like me... TONS of pictures.  It's great!!  I'm not the only one who loves her style and ideas... she's got 13,000 followers!

Today alone I knocked out three really quick and cute crafts.

Child sized neck pillow.  Made with flannel.

picture frame "white" board... pay no attention to our poor dietary habits.

Pig in a blanket... er towel.  Notice the cute little curly tail!

All of these projects and the directions for making them were on her site.  So check out her blog (link above or over in the left column), and get crafty!


  1. You're amazing! How did you ever fit these in between your ancestry.com searches???

  2. haha, Krista... I'm still waiting to hear back from the Library in Washington, so I had a few hours to kill ;)


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