Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My New Garden Cart

So for Mother's Day I usually get some great garden type gifts.  This year was no exception. It's no secret that I love to be in the garden, but I don't like having to dump my 4 cu. ft. cart a bajillion times a day.  Not too long ago I started researching carts for the garden that were a bit larger and more efficient than the one I currently have.  In the end my dear sweet honey, who isn't so fond of yard work, decided to get me the deluxe model (in my opinion) of a garden cart for mother's day.  It reminds me of the cart my dad uses, only his is even BIGGER!
So here are some pictures of my garden cart.  Some assembly required ;)
Everything came in that cardboard box.  I ordered this cart from and within the week, I had my cart.  Awesome!

The boards are plywood and the wheels are solid.  Yea! no worrying about blowing out a tire.

Yes, I'm one of those people who has to check all the hardware and parts to make sure nothing is missing.  My husband has influenced me greatly. :)

This is what is should look like...

Thank You!!
Here's who's gonna make it happen. 

So here it is posing in the "driveway garden".  You can see all my "stuff" that I can tote around now. 

My babies.  

Now we're talking.  With my other cart, this would have been two loads, easy.  But here you can see the new cart isn't even half full!


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  2. Yeah! you can stalk me anytime! ;)


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