Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue Bag

So, I decided to attempt the Flower burst bag according to directions.  While I followed them more closely this time, this bag is not without errors... for sure! But it is much closer to the original pattern.  It ended up being shorter than the other one I made, but very cute.

Flower Burst in blue

I also added a simple coin purse to go with the bag.  To make the coin purse, I just chained 17, then starting with the second chain from the hook, I hdc in each chain.  I put a second hdc in the last chain and stitched hdc along the other side of the chain.  When I got to the end and back to my first hdc, I did NOT connect.  I just stitched a hdc in the first hdc.  I continued in a round until the coin purse was the size I wanted.  To make the flap, I switched colors and turned.  I hdc across the back, turned, then stitched two hdc together (decrease).  I did this at the end of the row as well. Continue back and forth being sure to decrease at the beginning and the end of each row until it was the length and shape I wanted: like an stationery envelope.  I realize that if you don't crochet, this last paragraph makes absolutely NO sense... and even if you do crochet... it might not make sense! I never professed to be a pattern maker, that is for sure!

For the embellishments I simply crocheted another flower like the ones on the bag and attached it to the flap of the coin purse.  I added a little loop under the flower to catch the button that I stitched on with thread.  Lining the the coin purse was a sinch. Just fold a rectangular piece of fabric in half and use the purse as pattern.  Stitch the sides and leave the folded edge alone and the open end... open.   Put it in the coin purse and fold over the fabric edges at the top. Stitch along the edges of the fabric to the yarn.  There ya go.

I decided to also line the bag with fabric.  I don't like the idea of my keys, pens, and whatever else poking through between the stitches, and since I was making this for someone, I really wanted it to have a finished look to it.

This material was used in making aprons several years ago.
I'm so glad I keep scraps!!
I wish I could describe how I lined the bag... but even I'm not sure how I did it.  I tried to just think about the shape of the inside.  This bag has a base, so I did make a base and then stitched two other pieces of fabric to the base and to themselves.  This really was just done by trial and error.  It doesn't need to be perfect as it just sits in the bag.  Try not to over think it! Obviously, the important thing is to remember that the printed side of the fabric needs to be seen in the bag.  ;)  I folded over the fabric at the top, pinned it in place and stitched it right to the yarn.  
Another added bit was the "lanyard" type dealie that I crocheted in order to keep the coin purse connected to the bag.  I just chained and stitched single crochets up and down the chain, making a loop at the end.  I fastened a key ring to the end of the lanyard and attached the clip to the coin purse.  

Like I said before, this is a gift.  I made it for my mom in law, Pat.  She'll be over tomorrow and I'll get to give it to her :)

What's the best part about crocheting?

... getting to give the stuff away.


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