Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Mad Hatter

Since about March of this year, I have been consumed with crocheting.  It has come to me so much easier than knitting, which I failed at miserably.  My favorite things to crochet are hats.  Here are a few that I have produced. :)

This has to be my new favorite hat to make for babies and toddlers.  I've made several already.  They take a couple of hours (including flower) and are so simple.  
 The pattern is found here: McKinley's hat
Just scroll all the way down and you'll find two sizes to choose from: Newborn and Toddler.
Using white and lime green Caron Simply Soft yarn

Here is my very own model, Miss Ava, looking extremely sweet in a green version topped with a daisy.

 Caron Simply Soft yarn in lavender.

I've made two of these purple "toddler" versions as well.  This one was given as a birthday gift to a friend's daughter, the other for a niece.
I'd put a link to the flower pattern... if I could remember whose pattern I used.  I think I just went to Youtube and searched for "crochet flower" and followed a tutorial.

Olivia's Tulip hat
Caron Simply Soft: watermelon pink and lime green

The Tulip hat was a fun project.  I made it for my littlest niece, Olivia.  She looks so adorable in it... that is, if she were to keep it on.  This hat can easily be adjusted to create any number of fun versions. Use red yarn instead of pink and you have a strawberry.  Use orange and you have a pumpkin.

Caron Simply Soft Grey
This one I made for my niece, Aloura, for
her 17th birthday.

One of my favorite hats to make is the slouchy puff hat.  I don't even know how many I've made... perhaps 5 or 6?  This hat gets high marks with the teens and preteens.  More than one of my nieces is getting this for Christmas!  SHhhhh....

Red Plymouth Encore DK
The Phannie is a pattern that I have come to really enjoy making.  
It's a bit more sophisticated than the slouchy hat. In fact the first one I made took me several hours... okay a few days.  I spent 4 hours at a crafting day at church just crocheting and then ripping it out, crocheting and ripping it out.  By the end of the day, I was only one row ahead of where I started.  It was pretty frustrating, but I learned a lot from my mistakes.  Now I can whip one up in an afternoon.   My daughter Emily pleaded to have the first one I made, and quite frankly, she totally owns it.  It looks so cute on her, how could I refuse?  Alas, I did make another for a niece... or two.  
Yes, I have many, many nieces :)  

Nine to be exact.

Which reminds me.. I have a few Christmas presents I need to finish up. 

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