Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays...

My homemade rain barrel. I just finished it and set it up today. The idea is to fill this with rainwater that I can use in my garden. Supposedly, it will fill up within an hour of a good rain. I'm not so much "green" as I am frugal, which in many ways is the same thing. So, the idea of getting free water really excites me... I know, it doesn't take much.

Last fall, I mentioned to a friend in passing that I wanted to make a rain barrel. A generous church member heard my comments and brought me a barrel. The barrel was in rough but not bad shape. A little scrubbing, a little paint and it was ready to be fitted with plumbing.

I watched a few "how-to" videos on the internet to figure out what I needed in order to turn this barrel into a rain catcher/dispenser. First trip to Home Depot had my head spinning. No, I didn't bring a list and no, I had no clue what I was forgetting... but I knew I was forgetting something. Second trip to Home Depot (and the same salesman) was a better success... had my list! Third trip to Home Depot (dodged the salesman) was only for the correct sized bit for the drill.

Assembling the parts was pretty painless. Although I did ask my dear husband to drill the holes. I'm not much with powertools, I am ashamed to admit. I fitted the faucet, the overflow tube, and put screening over the "water in" holes to keep out egg laying mosquitos.

After the barrel was assembled, I adjusted the drainpipe to direct the downflow over the top of the holes. I've used an old hose in the overflow hole to take excess water out to my garden. I feel so accomplished!

Now, bring on the rain.


  1. What a very clever daughter I have! Of course she is, she's mine, isn't she? You want rain, sweetie? You should live here. (I wish) It may rain all summer, it seems. We don't usually have rain in April and May or in the summer. (just fog) but it has been a very wet spring with glorious patches of sunny days. I wish I could come and play in your rain barrel. Love you, babe. Have fun in your garden.

  2. When we were home-owners, we always said that a trip to Home Depot is never *A* trip to Home Depot! Sounds like that was true for you. Can't wait to hear how it works!


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