Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Panoramic Parsonage

For those in my family who haven't yet come to visit me... A little temptation ;)

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So I stood in the center of my grassy area and took panoramic pictures of the back yard. Starting at the left you can barely see the stone steps that lead up to the east side of the house. The house sits on a hill so the garage is at basement level. A door from the garage into the basement is the family's first choice for entrance. Another set of steps leads you up to the patio area. The sliding glass doors are actually what our guests use as the main entrance. The patio is L-shaped with a side section that wraps around the west side of the house, taking you to the kitchen door; the second favorite entrance of guests. There are so many ways to get into the house... but we rarely use the front door.

Warning: If you are a stalker/burglar-type person lurking through innocent people's blogs for unsuspecting victims to thieve, take note that these entrances are all well lit and ALWAYS LOCKED.
Just sayin'...

Hanging over the patio and shading the back yard is a rather large and messy Black Walnut tree. Technically, its trunk is in our neighbor's yard, but we get the pleasure of cleaning up after it. blah. Last year we were thankful that the cold winter kept the tree from producing any walnuts. Otherwise we send Eric out each day to collect the walnuts in 5 gallon buckets to toss into the compost pile. I like to think of it as the squirrels' one-stop walnut shop.

Along the west side are several variegated hostas, two severely pruned forsythia, day lilies, honeysuckle, and a mock orange. (There are a couple other large, flowering shrubs that I am not mentioning because I don't know their names and would like to avoid appearing ignorant... oops). The green mass growing alongside the lawn is comprised of millions... did I mention MILLIONS, of Lily of the Valley and one lonely iris trying desperately to find some sunshine. Fear not my bearded friend, I will transplant you this fall, and you shall once again bask and bloom in the wonder of dappled sunlight!
Situated in a garden urn on the broken base of an old birdbath (like that alliteration?.. I didn't even plan it!) is an ever blooming tuberous begonia. Basically, it means I can dig up the plants' root (tuber), store it all winter in the basement and pot it again next spring... FREE PLANTS!!!

Above the urn is... contented sigh... a lilac. Need I say more?
Queen Victoria "something or others" (read: red flowers that bunnies and deer won't eat) and hostas are growing at the base of an evergreen-type tree.

This is the section of the yard that I am currently dreaming and contemplating about. At the far left, barely seen, is my pride peony bush (white flowers). There are actually three bushes, but two of them I only just planted last year and they won't flower for another year or two. I'm sure at some point I will dedicate a whole blog entry to my beloved peonies, but that won't be today.
Several evergreens and one oak make up the sloped edge of the yard. While edging the lawn, I discovered an abandoned stone path that leads to the church's pavilion. My dreams almost always include restoring that path. Sometimes with an arbor... sometimes a gate... who knows. Yesterday, I started clearing away the lower branches in an attempt to make that dream a reality.
Note to self: You will get wet if you cut back tree branches right after a thunderstorm.
The sunnier slope on the eastern side of the yard will be home to azaleas, hydrangea and maybe even a bridal spirea! I plan to use Tennessee Ostrich ferns under the trees to keep the current secluded feeling without looking or being overgrown, which is how that area looks right now. If you are a keen observer, you've no doubt noticed the clothes line.

Yeah, that usually isn't in my dreams...

The lawn slopes dramatically at this section which requires me to pay homage to my "lawn guy", Kurt Dell, who fearlessly rides a mower up and down these treacherous angles. Yikes. At the base of the lawn you might recognize the previously blog-honored hostas. In the background is the church parking lot and sanctuary. I love living next to the church.

Here is a view of what I call the "driveway garden". I was standing by the church sanctuary as I took this picture. Blooming right now: blue and yellow bearded iris (left), pastel pink verbascum, daisies, and pink dianthus (far right).

Purple coneflowers, various lilies and Missouri primroses to come. Stay tuned!

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  1. Incredible Sallie. I didn't know you had a blog! Very cool. The Gardens are beautiful - lots of loving care shown!


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