Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Elliot's Batman Doll

So I might not want to call it a "doll" in front of my five year old nephew, maybe we'll go with action figure... anyway, my nephew is having had a birthday and although I live too far away to go to his party, I had a great time making this for him.  I know he is big time into action figures and I hope Batman is one of them.

This is the same pattern I used for Sophia's Doll in a previous post.  Faceless Doll Pattern  The differences are obvious.  I changed colors quite a bit to achieve the masked face and the batman logo.  I chose white eyes because that's what I saw in the cartoon drawings.  I connected the eyes together inside the head because I wanted them to "sink in" a bit and give the illusion of a nose.

 Because the doll is worked in rounds, the batman logo slants a little.  It has irritated me to no end, but ultimately, I realize that Elliot isn't going to be as critical as I am.  Here is the graph I used to do the logo.  A tip for changing colors smoothly.  Leave the last single crochet unfinished and finish it using the new yarn.  So you will have two loops on your hook when you join your new color, pull through the new color to finish the previous single crochet.  This gives a much cleaner look in my opinion.

Batman wears underoos.

By this point I had attempted twice to make a really cool cape using nylon crochet thread... but I didn't like how it was turning out.  So I'm going to do the fabric thing instead.

Being the thrifty person that I am... I went to good will to find just the right material.  I found a great skirt that draped exactly how I envisioned and used it as the cape.

A seamstress I am not and I pretty much "winged" the cape.  I won't even go into detail as to what I did, because quite frankly, I'm not sure how I did it.  I attached the cape using snaps that I sewed in by hand.  I wanted Elliot to have the option of removing the cape if he wanted.

I can't tell you how much joy these two pictures bring to me.  I don't get the luxury of being in my nephew's life on a daily basis.  He lives very far away from me and so it is that much more important that the gifts I give him (and his sister) reflect the love I have for them.  It may be a bit cliche to have an Aunt Sallie in Iowa who makes you homemade gifts for your birthday, but they are as much for me as they are for him.
Happy Birthday Elliot!!

Even Superheroes need their naps.
Thanks for the pictures Addie!

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