Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sophia's Doll

 This is basically a picture diary of making Sophia's doll.  This was my first time making a doll, and I must say it was much more an act of love than I ever anticipated.  Every stitch, every stuff, I thought of my niece, Sophia, and how she would play with this little doll. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as I hope Sophia will once she opens her birthday gift.  :)

Unfortunately, the pattern is no longer free as some people did not respect the author's wishes not to sell products made from her pattern.  So she has decided to charge for the pattern.  You can purchase it on ravelry DOLL PATTERN

 I used Bernat Cotton yarn in peach and cream for the body, and a compilation of many yarns for the hair.
I should have put in the safety eyes here, but I didn't realize how to  use them.  Lesson learned!

 I recycled an old pillow's filling to stuff the doll.
I crocheted ruffles (sc, {dc,dc,dc} sc) in the front loop of the round then on the next round used dc in the backloops to bring the row back up to the right height.

I chose to bring the little pantaloons down the leg for two rounds, which is different than the original pattern.

I made her a pair of white socks at the bottom of her legs.

I made the arms, then sewed them to the body. Starting to look like a doll!
The strands of hair were made by slip stitching to her head, leaving a 4 inch tail, chaining (20, 30, or 40 for length variation), then working 2sc in each of the chains until back to the scalp.  I fastened off the yarn and tied it off with the other tail of yarn.  Sometimes I connected the curl with another at the head.  This gave some bounce and covered up bald spots. The yarn is thin and I used a 3.25mm hook. The gold is crochet thread and I used a 3.0mm hook.

I just love the bounce the different lengths give.  I just kept adding more and more curls to cover up her scalp.  There really wasn't any pattern to it... I just tossed her head around and where I saw an open spot... I put another curl.

                  I used 12mm buttons for the eyes.  When I do another doll, I'll be sure to put in safety eyes before I stuff the head.  But this is still cute.  I used mineral blush for the cheeks
using a small, clean brush.

I chose a sunny color for the dress since her hair was so dark.  The yarn was a cotton/nylon blend and quite thin.  I know it is very nice yarn, but I got it at a garage sale for a dollar. :)  Gotta love garage sales!

So this is Sophia's doll.  Her birthday was yesterday (April 23) and hopefully today or tomorrow the package will get to her house. :)  In the works are two more dolls.  One with a superhero theme and the other is a doll for my little girl to take with  her to college.  Stay tuned!

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