Friday, October 5, 2012

Homemade Seed Packets

I do love my garden, and as the growing season for flowers is coming to an end, I am already planning what I'd like to begin with next spring.  I know, it is a sickness ;)

One thing I know I want to do is store all those seeds I have been collecting in something better than the little plastic containers that they are currently in.

It started with my columbines... boy howdy, can those produce some seeds.  And while I love them, I don't want them to reseed everywhere.  I'd like to manage them a little better and even be able to give a few seeds away on occasion.

Then there are the seeds from my poppies, hollyhocks, and forget-me-nots.  Right now, I am collecting seeds from the cleome that are blooming.  In fact the cleome are the reason I went on a search for something in which to send seeds through the mail.

I stayed with a family in Idaho during a recent trip to visit a college with my daughter, and I shared a love for gardening with the lady of the house.  She had never heard of cleome, and so as a thank you, I wanted to send her some seeds from my own garden so that not only would she have the flower, but a reminder of our new friendship as well.  ...But how to send her the seeds?  If only I had a little seed pouch...

And that is how I came to find this little gem.  It is a printable seed packet design.

How cute are these??

I found the site through pinterest and there were several to choose from. This just happened to be my favorite because of it's simplicity.

You can print them on regular printer paper.  I also printed some out on scrapbook paper.

Cut them out and fold the two tabs in.  I used a glue stick on the tabs, then folded in the back of the packet.  Be sure to write on it before you put the seeds in ;)  A little glue goes on the opening tab and then seal it shut.

Now I have a wonderful way to not only store my seeds, but to share them with others. :)

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  1. I should do/get some of these for my aunt. She loves her garden too & would especially love the little packets!


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