Monday, September 27, 2010

Crochet Ole!

I've attempted knitting a few times.  I think my earliest memory is of my mom trying to teach me how to knit when I was around... 7?  I quickly forgot, but tried again, much later.  Last winter I made my third (and final) attempt at knitting.  I knitted a scarf.  Which no one will wear because it's too short... and it took me FOREVER.  I'm sorry if I offend any die-hard knitters out there... but I need results way quicker than what knitting produces.  

    After my last epic fail at knitting, I decided to look into crocheting.  After all, my sister, Katie was with me in our first knitting class with mom... and she's abandoned it all together for crocheting. Perhaps she knew something I didn't.  

       Off to Ohio for a crochet lesson! Katie got me started on some basic crochet lingo and stitches. At first, I just practiced on old yarn until I felt that I could handle a project.  It dawned on me that perhaps youtube would have some educational videos that showed how to crochet.  Jackpot!  For an uber visual person such as myself, these homemade how-tos were perfect for me.  One You-tuber: "tjw1963" even does slo-mo!  She's awesome.  I followed her project instructions closely, "rewinding" over and over to make sure I was doing everything just right.  By the time I was finished with my project, it was so cute, I wished I had used higher quality yarn!  Wanna know what I made???
A Tam...a beret, if you will... A HAT.

This is my daughter, Emily.  She's not real thrilled with how I made her wear the hat.
I get this look a lot. :)

The most important thing, is that someone
actually wants to wear it!  
Top view

Here's the link to the written instructions. 
You can find all of Theresa's videos by going to and searching for The Art of Crochet.

Aww, now she's happy.  Of course I can't see the
hat... but she's so darn cute.


  1. :) that's why I knit my scarves with really chunk yarn and pretty big needles!

    good job, Sallie. This way we can divide and conquer. You take the crochet projects, I'll take the knitting. Voila!


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